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6. Server Backup

Server Backup Services in NYC

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What does it mean to back up the servers?

back up the servers

Most businesses will utilize a server to manage their network. Files, system configurations, and critical data will usually be stored on onsite or offsite backup servers. By backing up your server, you’re making a copy of how your network looks at that time. Think of server backups as having another filing cabinet with copies of all your files. If you see that a file has been damaged, misplaced, or lost entirely, you can always go into the second filing cabinet to find the file you need. Should you run into issues down the road, you can always rely on a backup to maintain a copy of your files and will ensure your computer is up and running in no time.

Do I really need data backup solutions for small NY business?

data backup solutions for small NY business

There are plenty of things that can go wrong with a business’s server:

-Hardware failure: You might have invested in the best hardware money can buy, but even top of the line machines have an expiration date. Sometimes, parts of your hardware system can break down, and you don’t want to have to wait until you replace it to be able to access your data.

-Ransomware or Viruses: Although you should have a good anti-virus program in place, often, it’s not enough. We all know how viruses can corrupt your files or even prevent you from being able to access them, but today there is an even more malicious threat: ransomware. This kind of software will block access to files unless a ransom is paid to the people who installed it. By having current and frequent server backups in place, you’ll protect your business from this kind of threat.

-Human Error: We all make mistakes, and accidentally deleting a file shouldn’t be devastating to how you conduct business. Through backing up your files, you make sure that common slip ups don’t cripple your work flow.

Where can I find the best online backup plan?

best online backup plan

Companies in New York have plenty of options to choose from when looking to enroll in server backup plans. However, the choices can seem overwhelming. If you search online (for example, "IT companies in NYC"), you’ll find IT companies that may seem experienced and dependable. When searching for someone to manage your server backups, take the time to do your research. Pick a company that has an extensive local network, satisfied clients, and technicians who are at the top of their field.

Why do I need a NY IT managed service company?

NY IT managed service company

Aside from the local options, there are companies that claim to be able to offer the same level of support from abroad. For IT services, and especially when dealing with copies of your data, an NYC IT company is the way to go. By keeping your IT choice local, you’re ensuring fast and reliable service if a problem arises. ETech 7 knows how crucial face-to-face interaction can be in understanding IT complexities. When you have technicians who speak your language and work around your business hours, you’re assuring yourself and your employees of across-the-board service regardless if it concerns onsite or offsite backup efforts.

What is the best online backup method to use?

best online backup method

If you’re examining the different types of backups, it can get confusing fast. True, a backup is just a copy of your data, but how you make that copy depends on your specific needs. There are full backups, incremental backups, and differential backups, just to name a few. If you’re taking the steps to back up your server data, speak to your IT provider about how they make their backups. At ETech 7, for example, we offer backups with geographic redundancy. This means that even if there’s a catastrophic event in one part of the world where our servers are located, your data is still safe. Tailored solutions should be offered to make sure you don’t pay for services you don’t need, and be able to use the ones that you do.

How will managed backup solutions improve functionality?

managed backup solutions

If you run into an issue after changing your computer’s settings, you don’t want to take the time to figure out what went wrong. Similarly, you might want to find an old file that you thought you didn’t need any more. With data backups, you’re able to optimize the data that you want to keep on site through archiving old data off-site. Simply relying on consistent server backups will be a quick and reliable method that will allow you to maintain your business at the pace you’ve come to expect.

What are the benefits to remote backup services?

remote backup services

The world is running on data these days, and your business is no exception. Every business owner knows that even a temporary loss of their data would be more than an inconvenience; it could mean the difference between getting that big contract or not. By relying on remote server backups, you’re taking an important step in protecting your data and your business from those inconveniences that seem to arise at inopportune moments.

When looking for backup solutions, you have to consider the amount of “downtime” that your company can manage. Whether you can afford to be “offline” for one day or one hour, ETech 7 puts a contingency plan in place to make sure you’re up and running within the timeframe you need. We then rigorously test this system periodically through a “mock failure test”, to make sure that our system is up to the task of keeping you in business.

Why should I care about data backup for my server?

data backup

If you’re a business in NYC, you may have lots of people coming and going into your place of business. Just as with any other security method that you have in place, it’s important to protect your files in case they get lost or stolen. Local copies, like those on a hard drive, can get corrupted, damaged, or accidentally deleted. At ETech 7, we offer protection against common accidents by making sure that your local hard drives are waterproofed and fireproofed. It’s important to have a secured hard drive backup as well as a remote one, since it’s faster to restore your data locally than it is remotely. Remote server backups give you an added layer of data protection by making a copy that isn’t as easily lost as your physical hard drive. By backing up your data, you’re able to ensure that you will always have access to your files, whenever you need them. 

Will I have access to my files when I back up data?

back up data

If you’ve backed up the files on your own personal computer (and hopefully you have!) then you may have experienced difficulty accessing your files during the backup process. A good IT company will give you a variety of backup option to minimize this concern, as well as scheduling the backup for times that you’re not logged in.

Why should I rely on business backup solution packages in NYC?

business backup solution packages in NYC

If you’re managing a business, you want to be able to automate as many processes as possible. While you might not be able to automate all aspects of your business, server backup is one area that can really be hands off for the business owner, allowing you to focus on other areas that need attention. Having to remember to back up your data and forgetting to do so can be disastrous if you lose any part of your data. By focusing solely on information technology products, IT companies can offer more scaled up solutions for your business. IT companies can also provide the peace of mind you need through extensive data encryption, and ensuring a rapid recovery for your data when you need it most.

What if I have an IT person to deal with data backups?

data backups

Even if you have one or two “in-house” IT people to deal with your business’s needs, outsourcing some IT processes can be highly beneficial to your business. If you rely on an external IT company in NYC to deal with rote IT support, you free up your IT people to be able to deal with the “big picture” items better. Furthermore, there are times when multiple people in your company may be experiencing IT issues. If you only have one IT person, then they would all have to wait in line to be helped. It would be prohibitively expensive though to hire additional IT staff when you only face complex issues every once in a while. At ETech 7, we offer scalability in IT resources, so whether you need one IT technician or five, you’re still paying one flat maintenance fee.

Outsourcing data recovery to an IT firm can improve your security as well. If you entrust all your data with one person in your company, you’re placing a lot of faith in their reliability. What happens if your employee is suddenly unavailable or leaves for other reasons? You want to always have access to your data and to make sure that that data is reliable. By using an external IT company with a proven track record in managing server backups, you’re investing in the integrity and dependability of your most critical data.

Should my files be backup up in the Cloud?

cloud backup

Many people now want to migrate their files to "the cloud", but what is it really? The cloud is just a network of servers that allow you to store files on them. In the past, people would store files locally (like on their business’s shared network), but by utilizing cloud server backups, you’re taking a step in ensuring that your important data is spread out across a larger network, and is much more difficult to lose track of. Cloud backup solutions are a great way to make sure your data is always accessible.

Should NYC companies utilize NYC managed server backup?

managed server backup

It’s understandable that you might have some reservations about storing your hard-earned information somewhere else than on your own personal computer. However, experience has shown that users who only keep a local copy of their data are much more likely to lose that data in case of a disaster. Smart business owners apply a proactive approach to many of their business tactics, so why wait to react to losing your data? The benefits of backing up your data remotely far outweigh the potential risks involved.

Why is data encryption and operations systems important?

data encryption

Data encryption is a way of making your information difficult to be read by anyone other than those you trust. If you have unencrypted backups of your information, they could potentially be accessed by someone who you don’t want to read it. Unfortunately, security breaches and illegal data retrieval are becoming a daily headline. It’s important to realize that a company that has been “hacked” is usually a large company, and therefore, a large target for hackers. At ETech 7, we pride ourselves on keeping our clients close and our security even tighter. If you’re concerned about unauthorized access to your information, it may be a good idea to store your information with a company whose security framework isn’t as readily accessible as a public company.

Will a disaster recovery plan work for my company?

disaster recovery plan

Yes, although you may have the majority of your data coming from an NYC location, the remote nature of server backups allows for you to access copies of your information from any location. Having server backups implemented across the board in all your locations ensures that all of your data is equally protected.

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