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8. Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Planning Services

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Reasons Why Businesses Need a Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan

Disaster and Recovery Planning
It has been a year filled with natural and man-made disasters alike, and companies nationwide are discovering that they did not have a disaster recovery plan in place to adequately address the ramifications power and data loss has on their organizations. Companies are more reliant on data than ever before, and the security and integrity of that data should be a high priority for any business entity. When the worst happens and local assets are compromised, a managed backup provider can be a vital part of your disaster recovery plan. If you have relied on in-house IT departments for all of your data network needs and have never considered outsourcing network services before, you may not know much about how managed backup can help you in these situations, but take a closer look and you will see that it may be the most important step you take toward securing your data.

Benefit From Our Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery

managed backup provider

Managed backup, in some ways, is similar to an insurance policy for your data integrity. Most of the time you will not have to use it, but when the worst happens it is something that you are very glad you paid for. On a daily basis managed backup may be useful to retrieve deleted or corrupted files, but in the event of a total backup and restore is when it really shines. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) see to providing cloud-based backup of all data that is covered in a managed service agreement, and this acts as a failsafe for a company as well as compliance with regulations regarding safeguarding and maintenance of data in certain industries such as financial services and medical professions.  

Local Network Management vs Managed Backup

Local network management vs Managed backup

While an in-house network security engineer is always a good idea, and having dedicated professionals on staff to backup and secure files is a valid method of safeguarding valuable data, there is a lot to be said for outsourcing this function. For one thing, it is a rare thing to have qualified IT staff whose only function is backups and disaster recovery. Many IT and network professionals are burdened with multiple tasks every day including installing new software and updates, troubleshooting everyday problems, and correcting malfunctioning equipment. With this in place, it is not unusual to see backup tasks slip to the back burner.

Outsource Your Backup and Disaster Recovery to Etech7

outsourcing managed backup

No matter if data is compromised by a natural disaster, malware, equipment malfunction or a data breach, it is bound to create a significant disruption to your business. Having a cloud-based backup and restore plan is one more layer of protection that can help to get your company back on track after the literal or figurative storm has passed. Cloud backup is one of the biggest advantages that a managed backup provider brings to the table. Their dedicated function is maintaining backup data free of vulnerable local networks and facilitating swift recovery, enabling your business to recover in as short an amount of time as possible.

Is Outsourcing Your Disaster Recovery Solutions a Safe Choice?

outsourcing network security

When companies are putting together a disaster recovery plan the wisdom of entrusting network security keys to a third party is often debated. However, the providers of online backup services are concerned with data integrity, not data access. Often, cloud backup is fully automated and not in the hands of vendors or personnel outside your own IT department. If anything, an MSP charged with data backup and recovery services does not even take direct action unless a disaster or data breach has been detected by the system. In most cases, an outsourced data protection solution is no riskier than the normal risk posed by in-house network security personnel.

Getting Started With Disaster Recovey Planning

backup and disaster recovery plan

If you see a managed backup provider as something that will fit in well with your disaster recovery plan, you may be wondering how to begin. In order to institute a backup and recovery plan that integrates managed backup solutions, there are certain factors that you need to take into consideration:

  • The scope of your data backup needs
  • Duration of a contract and how this fits in with your industry-specific regulations
  • Products and tools that you will need at your disposal
  • Consultation services you will need to create a comprehensive recovery plan

When you have these specifics nailed down you may have a better idea of how an MSP can provide the services that you need to meet your company's specific network integrity requirements. Once it is in place, your business and its stakeholders will have peace of mind and an assurance that your network is in safe hands. If you need any more information on how managed backup can help to secure your data and network integrity, contact us for a full managed backup consultation.

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