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9. Managed Cloud

Managed Cloud Hosting Services

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What can managed cloud enable my business to do?

managed cloud

Managed cloud services are the fastest and most efficient way to empower your business with everything that the cloud has to offer. With managed cloud, you have access to an unparalleled range of enterprise-class productivity solutions, the best security, and file storage capacity that can be orders of magnitude more than what would be possible otherwise.

Most businesses discover this delivers substantial savings that compound over time.

Your exact savings depend on your company’s size and needs – but most enterprises stand to save significantly on their current and future IT needs. When you combine savings in software, hardware, personnel, security, and more, it may mean excising millions of dollars in costs from your business. That can help you grow faster and keep your operational focus on what matters most.

What overhead is involved in managed cloud?

Managed Cloud

Done right, managed cloud eliminates overhead. It can end the need for complicated file backup, storage, and retrieval, as well as software patching for a wide range of business applications. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about managing a slew of vendor contracts for software, paying individual fees, and ensuring that licenses are updated.

Managed cloud does not require you to install or maintain infrastructure within your office. In fact, it’s an excellent solution for enterprises that want to streamline their IT footprint: It allows you to consolidate or eliminate dedicated server hardware you might be using now. With managed cloud, most enterprises retire their dedicated server entirely.

Are managed cloud services accessible from anywhere?

Managed Cloud Services

Yes. Managed cloud services integrate seamlessly with your network and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Anyone capable of logging into your corporate intranet can easily access all of the data and applications they need.

You can adjust, extend, or revoke access to any user at any time, no matter where they might be located at that moment. Plus, you can specify security parameters each user must meet. This ensures that less secure hardware, such as smartphones without an antivirus program, cannot endanger your cloud resources.

Is using a managed cloud secure?

a managed cloud secure

Managed cloud provides you with an extra layer of security in the form of your cloud services provider. The best providers are constantly scanning for signs of intrusion or malware. While this won’t replace the need for your own personnel to embrace data security best practices, it means bad actors will find it that much harder to reach your data assets undetected.

Compliance-driven industries like finance and healthcare can sometimes simplify their security and storage practices via managed cloud services. Externalizing certain IT processes to a trusted cloud vendor makes it easier to understand how confidential data is stored and maintained. Be sure to discuss your needs with your prospective vendor to ensure solutions are right for you.

Do I still need an in-house IT team if I use a managed cloud?

a managed cloud

On its own, managed cloud services might not replace everything you need for your business network. However, many brands do find that managed cloud is a “one stop” solution for all the technical resources they require. If you have an in-house team, it’s a good idea to give managed cloud a test drive before you decide that you’re ready to move forward with staffing changes.

Anything non-technical staff members already know how to do – word processing, email, video conferencing, and much more – is made faster and easier through managed cloud services. There is nothing to learn, since there are no extra steps on the part of the end user. It is just as simple as using a powerful computer that has all the features you need for maximum productivity.

Does a managed cloud plan scale with my business?

a managed cloud plan

Managed cloud services are ideal for fast-growing businesses and those looking to expand their geography. Traditional IT organizations need to invest in new hardware, software, cabling, and much more before servicing new personnel or customers. Cloud services, on the other hand, can be adjusted on the fly to deliver applications and data to as many regular users as needed.

Managed cloud also offers managed storage, a great way to protect yourself from the high cost of on-site storage media. With the power of the cloud at your command, it’s much easier to archive and keep track of important data – without worrying about managing, securing, and storing physical devices. That ensures files will be organized and easy to find whenever needed.

If you decide managed cloud doesn’t work for you, it is usually very simple to unwind your IT from your vendor’s services. Cloud services can be withdrawn in a single click, without having to wait for an on-site visit from a service technician. Then, you’re free to carry on using your internal resources as you did before managed cloud.

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