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3. Managed Network

Managed Network Services in NYC

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What is a managed network?

managed network

When you hire a third-party IT service provider, they will set up what is called a managed network -- a type of communication network that is managed both remotely and on-site upon request. Your IT service provider is responsible for building, operating, and securing your network. A managed network provides the network solutions needed by a company which is delivered as a cloud infrastructure service.

What is a network maintenance plan?

network Maintenance Plan

Your managed network provider is responsible for providing your Manhattan-based company with prompt and proactive IT support for your servers, workstations, and most importantly, your network. A network maintenance plan is an agreement between you and your managed IT services company which promises reliable network maintenance services at a fixed price. NYC IT companies such as ETech 7 will customize an IT support solution that works for you and satisfies the needs of your company.

Why do we need managed IT services for our network?

managed IT services

Many businesses both inside and outside New York City do not realize the importance of network maintenance. Most computer networks are complex and require monitoring and frequent check-ups in order to ensure that everything is safe and secure. A managed network provider will ensure that your network is always running at peak efficiency. They will monitor your network and alert you immediately upon the discovery of any network issues or imminent failure. If your computer network is a priority, then hiring a skilled team of IT professionals to manage it is an excellent choice.

How does a managed network operate for an NYC business?

managed network operate

A managed network is installed and maintained by an NYC managed IT services company. It is monitored and maintained remotely by the IT company and can be accessed by any employee member from any location if a Virtual Private Network is installed as well. NYC businesses rely on managed networks to ensure a good connection and the safety of their data. ETech 7 administers both remote and on-site services as needed. We offer monthly, in-person network check-ups and offer mock failure scenarios once a year. A mock failure scenario is similar to a school fire-drill. We deliberately cause your network to go down and test how long it will take to start it back up again. We also make sure that only certain personnel have access to your network, ensuring that your data is managed properly.

How will an NYC managed network service benefit me?

a managed network

If your business is located in NYC, there are many different managed network providers to choose from. While a managed network provider is a remote server, it is still beneficial to choose one that is close by. In this case, an IT professional will make their way for you to troubleshoot on-site.


Working with an NYC managed network provider will give you the assurance that IT help is close by and that your systems are covered. Working with a managed network provider in NYC means you will always have faster access to IT solutions, especially when working with a small and well connected NYC IT company like ETech 7.


Often when IT challenges arise, you may spend unnecessary extra time waiting for inadequate assistance. In the meantime, your business may undergo downtime, resulting in loss of precious time and money. When you work with ETech 7, we help you cut the line and get the IT help you need.

Is installation part of the network maintenance plan?

install the network plan

NYC based IT companies like ETech 7 will supply your company with an ongoing network maintenance plan for a fixed monthly price. This price can include the initial network installation depending on the size of the network and specific requirements. It is important to discuss this with the managed services provider in advance. This route is usually ideal, as opposed to a break-fix agreement which can leave you with unpredictable costs and fees.

What services do NYC managed networks provider offer?

NYC managed networks

A managed network provider offers a wide variety of services which are delivered remotely and on-site when necessary. Services include firewall, virus and spyware protection, regular server and workstation updates, managed backup and data recovery, and many others. As these services are provided on a subscription basis, they vary according to the needs of your company and the type of network maintenance plan your company chooses.


ETech 7, a boutique IT firm, knows how to give individual attention to the people they serve. We value our customers and use our own dedicated lines of support to provide top-notch IT services to those in need. Our partnerships with companies such as Lenovo, Dell, and Microsoft, allow us to provide higher quality assistance and push our clients to the front of the line.

Will managed network providers improve function?

managed network nyc

Monthly network maintenance is critical to daily business functionality. Your computer network is the string that connects all of your devices together. A solid network should allow for remote access, meaning that your data is accessible from anywhere there is an internet connection. This means that employees can work from any location, whether commuting into New York City or from the comfort of their homes. Having a strong network increases business productivity and can help your employees work strongly as a team. A safe and secure network is a given when you choose to work with a managed network provider.

How can I find a managed network provider in NYC?

managed network provider

Finding a managed network provider in NYC is a very easy task, but finding the right managed network provider for your company is an entirely different animal. Firstly, it is important to understand the needs of your company. Is your network protected? Is your data easily accessible? Have you been experiencing downtime or unwanted security threats? Once you understand these needs, it will be easy to find the best-managed service provider in NYC. Managed outsourcing is easy to acquire once you contact your prospective IT company and get the information you need.

How will an MSP increase my business's network security?

business network security

To an NYC managed network provider, the safety of your computer network is priority number one. A managed network provider is responsible for both network maintenance and network monitoring. Network monitoring contributes to less server downtime as well as higher security, as this preventative method allows for proactive problem solving and 24/7 network supervision. When a business encounters an IT issue, it may seem like the end of the world. A managed IT services company such as ETech 7 has seen it all. We know how to prevent security threats, and how to respond to the aftermath. Teaming up with ETech 7 means working with a team of IT professionals whose main priority is your network security and the safety of your data.


Why should I outsource network management?

outsource network management

The benefits of outsourcing network management in NYC are abundant. Working with a professional and knowledgeable IT team means gaining access to a variety of services to improve your company’s computer network. A remote IT team will keep their eyes on your network at all times, delegating tasks amongst their team, as opposed to piling a heavy workload on one in-house IT engineer. Working with a managed IT services company also gives you access to monthly local check-ins, giving you the best of both remote and local services. Outsourcing network management means someone will always be there to identify and stop IT problems in their tracks, thus keeping your fast-paced NYC business up and running.  

Should you be concerned about using an MSP?

Network Security

What Manhattan companies should truly be concerned about is the performance quality of their computer networks. While you may feel unnerved about hiring a managed network provider, it is important to realize that there are no more risks involved in this process as there are with monitoring your network in-house. A third party managed network provider will be transparent in their work. In addition to installing your network, they will also be responsible for defending it from security threats and keeping things running smoothly. When looking to partner with a third party managed network provider, one should ensure that the company is backed by reliable names. ETech 7 is backed by Dell, Lenovo, Microsoft, and Intel.

Will a network provider help with networking?

network provider

If you’re concerned about the growth of your Manhattan-based business, consider looking into managed IT services. An NYC managed network provider will contribute to business growth by keeping your network safe and secure. By keeping your company’s technology up to date, you are helping your business stay in the lead. Ensuring safe data and a secure network is a great way to contribute to long-term business success.


Is outsourcing network monitoring a smart decision?

outsourcing network monitoring

The answer is yes. Manhattan businesses receive more bang for their buck when they choose to acquire a network maintenance plan from a managed IT service company. Network downtime is largely responsible for wasted business hours and preventative measures are always ideal when it comes to protecting what’s most important to us. With the cost of real estate and the pressure to keep your technology up to date, a Manhattan company certainly cannot afford to waste time or money. By creating a network maintenance plan with your NYC managed network provider, you’ll pay a fixed monthly fee with no strings attached. This option is a clear winner when compared to paying a one time, a very high service fee to fix a problem your network was not prepared to deal with.


Will NYC managed network services work anywhere?

NYC managed services

Yes, 100%. Regardless of whether your offices are within or outside of New York City, managed network services are delivered in a remote manner, making your network accessible from anywhere your company needs it to be. This service allows you the flexibility and security to share your data and access your network from just about anywhere.

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