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Services You Can Expect from a Managed Services Provider in NYC:

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Software-as-a-Service (SaaS): SaaS is one of the most important IT breakthroughs of the last 20 years. Software-as-a-Service allows your business to access sophisticated software from anywhere in the world. These include business productivity suites, image and video editing software, customer relationship management systems, and more!


Cybersecurity: As one of the best managed service providers in NYC, ETech 7's managed IT services will protect your sensitive data through continuous network monitoring, intrusion detection, patch/update management, and other services involving cutting edge of IT security.


IT Helpdesk: The helpdesk is the lifeblood of managed IT services. An efficient helpdesk makes it easier for tickets to be streamlined, therefore allowing our tech support services to resolve problems faster.


Technology Strategy: Did you know that a good MSP in New York will also help you develop a scalable IT strategy? Managed service providers will help you develop a blended IT strategy where outsourced services work hand-in-hand with your in-house IT department. You will get a strategic insight to minimize overhead costs while further accentuating your core strengths.

How are IT services in NY delivered?

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The majority of managed IT service providers use cloud-based software that allows your business to access services anywhere, anytime. Scaling the services that you need and only paying for those services can be done in one click. Focus on your business and let us worry about your IT needs!

Is my information safe with an IT company in New York?

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ETech 7 is a trusted managed IT service provider in NYC. We mitigate risk to exposing your sensitive data by placing layers upon layers of security measures to ensure that your private data stays private. As a partner of industry-leading experts, ETech 7 will help you with world-class network monitoring and intrusion response that mitigates risk and fends off even the most determined attackers.

Is your business in a niche industry? No problem! ETech 7's here for you.

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Industries like healthcare, finance, and legal will need specialized IT services. However, the common thing that these industries need is strong IT security for the amount of sensitive data that they have. Thankfully, we offer comprehensive IT security plans as part of our managed IT services package.


Making a decision is difficult - especially considering the plethora of managed services providers NYC has available. However, keep in mind that a prospective managed services provider should be able to demonstrate a complete understanding of your needs. That can come through industry associations, case studies from similar enterprises, and so on.


All regulatory requirements should be noted in a written Service Level Agreement so you can track adherence and take immediate action if concerns arise in the future.

Are IT services in New York more expensive?

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Absolutely not.


Managed IT services exist to help you save money! Exact savings depend on the type of IT services you have availed of. Hiring an MSP in New York will aid you in developing a well-executed managed services strategy which should reduce your technology spending by 20% to 30%, sometimes more!


For companies that substantially cut down on their in-house IT services, savings of 50% is possible to achieve. In these scenarios, companies will be able to save thousands, to hundreds of thousands, to millions in annual IT savings that may grant new opportunities to invest in core business areas.


In essence, managed IT services target the 75% of IT spending that is provided what a company would normally spend on technology. Managed services are especially advisable in industries that tend to have high IT spend as a percentage of revenue such as financials (12.7%) and media (5.3%). This benefit is not limited to large companies as smaller companies sometimes outspend larger companies in IT spending.


Are managed IT service providers reliable in providing proactive IT support?

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When it comes to IT support, NYC business leaders don’t like to waste time. It’s no surprise companies in need of a network support specialist or other tech support expert often look to managed services for a solution.


With the managed IT services New York companies can offer, tech support professionals are available any time of day or night. They are fully trained on the products and services relevant to you, so the experience is just like calling in to a dedicated, in-house helpdesk – without the overhead.


Managed helpdesk is often superior to on-site troubleshooting since:

  • Calls are finished faster and issues are more likely to be resolved the first time
  • Proven KPIs are used to ensure helpdesk service quality is always improving
  • Regular reporting lets you see trends at a glance, proving the service's value


Will an MSP in New York meet my company's needs?

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The best managed service providers can provide you with scalable offers to fit whatever your company needs. Majority of IT support companies in NYC knows that ensuring a customizable IT package is the priority for any business. A good IT provider offers useful service updates on a regular basis and abides by an in-depth IT strategy to keep your services in check.

Are shock bills or hidden fees common when you avail of IT services in NY?

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Absolutely not! If this happens to you with your current managed services provider, run!


The cost of managed services should be a fixed month-to-month basis. However, cost of managed IT services may tend to grow little by little over time as your business grows. This basically means that as your business expands, your IT needs will expand with it.


To maximize cost-effectiveness and quality, maintain an open line with your MSP and discuss matters before deciding on additional services. When a service portfolio is already fully aligned to your needs, the chances that you need more services in the future is slim. However, if you feel that your costs are accelerating beyond what's healthy for your business, it's always possible to review your service package with your MSP. This is why MSP companies in New York always promote proactive, open, and honest communication lines between the MSP and the client.

What can I do in the event of a service outage?

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A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a prime part of any managed services contract. The SLA sets the expectations for service accessibility. In general, a reputable provider will aim for 24/7/365 availability of critical infrastructure. Downtime in non-core services should produce no business disruption. Moreover, you don't need to find a "managed service provider near me" because the majority of the restoration efforts will be done remotely.


If a service outage does take place, your enterprise needn't do anything to remedy the situation. Getting everything back online and working as expected is the provider's duty. If downtime stretches beyond the confines of the SLA, providers will prorate future services or offer other compensation.


If a service outage is caused by external circumstances, such as a hacking attack, your provider will execute on your IT continuity plan. That means identifying the network vulnerability, closing it down as quickly as possible, and restoring both services and data to the most recent backup available.

There has been a network breach, what can an IT company in New York do?

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Call your managed service provider immediately! In a digital world, a network breach can happen anytime, anywhere - it's the reality. Businesses, from SMEs to Fortune 500 companies, are always at risk. According to INC, 60% of small businesses targeted by hackers had no other choice but close after six months. Under these high-risk conditions, your managed services provider must work seamlessly to bolster your security.


What can you do to strengthen your security measures? Simple, hire an MSP. Hiring a managed IT services firm in NYC will allow you to significantly reduce the probability of breaches. MSPs provide critical IT infrastructure maintenance that bolster your IT security and keep your systems updated.


Providers can also offer you monitoring and proactive incident management for your internal resources, giving you an extra layer of protection. You should continue to ensure that your non-technical staff members understand their role in data security – human error can leave your business vulnerable.

I have an in-house IT department, do I still need an MSP in NYC?

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ETech 7's flexible managed IT services should operate efficiently and effectively with you no matter your staffing strategy:

  • Strategic IT Stakeholders Only: Many companies have a C-level technology leader who sets direction and manages strategy even if there are few IT SMEs within the organization. This person is well-positioned to own the managed services relationship and report results to the Board.


  • Streamlined, Specialized Team: Some enterprises find that, though most of their needs are met through cloud services, they need experts to execute on core functions around their own products or services. Providers can communicate directly with your team or with a single point of contact.


  • No In-House IT Presence: Entrepreneurial startups and companies that want to pursue a bold strategy to control costs may have no in-house IT. With managed IT services in NYC, a provider does not need to be physically present, either. In this case, strategic updates are directed to a high-level stakeholder while another contact may receive day-to-day communications.


Worldwide IT support, only at ETech 7

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One of the core advantages of ETech 7's managed IT services is its ability to be accessed anytime and anywhere. Our platforms use cloud technology that can be used from virtually anywhere in the world. As one of the top managed service providers in NYC, ETech 7 will be able to ensure that your systems are up and running quickly, no matter what other operational or logistical challenges you might be facing.

Compliance? Audits? We can help!

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Streamlining compliance is a core concern in a variety of industries. Most companies choose their compliance to be already in place before hiring managed services. However, not all MSPs are able to cater to businesses belonging in compliance-centered industries.


Depending on a business' area of expertise, managed service providers should be able to guide you in training and provide you with the best practices in managing unique challenges presented by audits or certifications.


If compliance is one of your company's main concerns, consider an MSP's location. IT services in New York City are already in the heart of compliance industry! Regardless of industry focus, any provider should be able to offer the high-level encryption demanded by the major global certifying organizations.

Data to take your business to new heights!

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Not all managed services providers can offer you strategic insight; however, the best managed service providers in NYC often offer consulting engagements where an IT expert can provide input for your board or to other strategic stakeholders to ensure your enterprise goals are aligned with the right technology.


If you are considering the purchase of specific software for in-house implementation, such as an ERP or CRM suite, strategic advice from an objective expert can help. Providers may also be able to help with recruiting for technology roles, training, onboarding, and other issues.


All managed services brands are different, so discuss your needs with your IT partner.

Is it going to be difficult to adapt a managed IT services model?

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It all depends on the amount of data you have and the amount of services you are willing to have us manage. Initially, managed service providers will be conducting an initial meeting to find out the extent of your IT needs. Even if you never had any type of experience with an MSP before, it will be a straightforward process. The most important step is to outline your needs and expectations.


Many companies find that the vendor selection process is easier when the company already knows what they need and when they need it. However, don't be scared if you still don't know every IT service that you need - translating your requirements is our job!


Last but not least, any reputable provider should be willing to furnish you with a written service agreement without any implied commitment on your part. Be sure to review this with your legal team, finance department, and any current form of IT department you have to get all the facts you need for an informed decision.

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ETech 7 is outstanding among IT consulting firms because they bring a wealth of knowledge and maturity, a demonstrated work ethic and strong leadership skills to their work … they also carry a rare form of loyalty that I’ve seldom seen.

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We've hired ETech 7 to setup our backup solution and found them to be a great asset. They hit the ground running quickly, work well with the team and gets results. The ETech 7 support team is just a phone call away and they treat our team-members with respect.

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