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We understand that the only way to build a great company is by hiring dedicated employees and providing excellent customer service. ETech 7’s hiring process is designed to build productive teams. ETech 7 employees pride themselves on their collaborative strengths. Some companies only have a few people, and all of them try to do everything, we have a dedicated staff for each respective department. Where other companies focus solely on customer satisfaction, ETech 7 focuses on employee satisfaction as well. When our employees are happy, they tend to keep our customers happy.
  • Our staff has a variety of industry-recognized certifications and degrees
  • We don’t believe in forcing work on people, everyone should love what they do
  • Learning never stops at ETech 7, we encourage our staff to always keep learning

Outsourcing IT Services

ETech 7’s managed IT plans make outsourcing IT services a breeze. ETech 7 provides a solution customized for any business that wishes to focus their efforts on their core competency without the complications and headaches of managing an IT department.


  • Increases productivity maximizing your IT investments
  • Ensures your technology supports your business objectives
  • Frees you from managing multiple vendors



Javion Bobb

Patient and understanding, Javion is responsible for personally helping and assisting our clients with any and all IT needs and concerns. He is passionate about all things network security, and functions as our password manager and server protection expert.


Javion holds a Bachelors of Technology in network administration from Morrisville State College. A man of many skills, Javion is known to all as a Netflix enthusiast and Overwatch master.

“I will not stop until the problem is solved and we are all happy"



Oneill Champagnie

Oneill began his career at Etech 7 as an IT engineering intern. He has since become our pun hearty administrative IT consultant, and operates as the interpersonal liaison between our IT technicians and our clients.


Oneill is responsible for overseeing workstation management, and is dedicated to educating clients on how to best optimize their workstations.

 In his spare time, Oneill can be found cruising the skate park or mastering music tracks.


“You can’t have spirit without IT”




Jack Shomer

Jack is our quick and witty IT assistant manager. He dutifully administers all IT tasks, ensuring that our client needs are always top priority. He is a backup and disaster recovery specialist, knowledgeable in everything networks, application programs, and communication systems related.

 Jack holds a Bachelor’s Degree in computer science from Brooklyn College. He is a trivia genius and Game of Thrones addict.


“With our tech team on the job, you'll never have to take any losses"


Jason Yang

Calm, but quick to action, Jason is our on- and off- site expert IT technician. He specializes in automation scripts, server setup, and firewall management, creating easy and automated workstations for our clients.


Jason graduated from Baruch College with a Bachelor’s degree in information technology. Bringing the comedic relief to IT, Jason is a top notch meme creator and joke guru.



"It's no fake news that we've got your back"

What Our Managed IT Customers Are Saying


"ETech 7 is outstanding among IT consulting firms because they bring a wealth of knowledge and maturity, a demonstrated work ethic and strong leadership skills to their work … they also carry a rare form of loyalty that I’ve seldom seen."


"We've hired ETech 7 to setup our backup solution and found them to be a great asset. They hit the ground running quickly, work well with the team and gets results. The ETech 7 support team is just a phone call away and they treat our team-members with respect."


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