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What Are Hosted Apps?

Hosted apps are applications resident in the cloud. The software is provided and maintained by a specialized host app service with sophisticated distribution technology. That delivers seamless software performance for your team members anywhere in the world without needing to invest in powerful hardware or a big in-house IT team. In effect, it’s all convenience and minimal overhead.


What Kind of Apps Can Be Hosted?

Virtually any kind of software application is hosted. If you’ve used software from Google Apps, you’ve already seen a terrific example of hosted applications. You never have to sit through a lengthy Google Apps download, because the software remains on Google hardware at all times.

All kinds of office productivity software are now available as a hosted app: Everything from word processing to calendars and scheduling to project management. Some of the most popular team communication programs in the world today are typically deployed as hosted apps.

There are some varieties of application that aren’t usually seen in a hosted cloud environment. These are mainly apps that require a dedicated workstation, such as the most powerful computer-assisted design (CAD) suites. Other than these few outliers, the sky is the limit.


What Enterprises Benefit Most from Hosted Apps?

Any company that wants to do more with its technology budget can get immense benefits from hosted apps. By going beyond Google Apps to the customized services of a real hosted app service, you can ensure your teams always have the tools they need.

Hosted apps are extremely popular with brands that are experiencing explosive global growth. By migrating to a hosted app infrastructure, you lay the foundation for new locations around the world to deliver value from their first day of operation.

Some innovative startups have used the power of hosted apps to save on their office footprint. Employees can log in and collaborate from anywhere, even without a pricey desktop computer. Hosted apps can streamline more traditional offshoring agreements, too.

Perhaps the most enthusiastic adopters of hosted apps are executives in small and mid-sized firms. Through deft use of hosted apps, a smaller concern can compete toe-to-toe with much larger, entrenched rivals – all without paying Fortune 500 technology costs.


Are Hosted Apps Expensive?

Done correctly, hosted apps should deliver immediate cost savings versus introducing similar capabilities in-house. The reason hosted apps are so cost-effective is because they reduce or even eliminate several different categories of technology spend.

First and foremost, hosted apps can save you millions against the growing cost of enterprise software licensing agreements. A complete portfolio of cutting-edge new software – which might otherwise be expected to double your expenses – instead becomes a marginal cost.

Hosted apps also cut down on how complex and numerous your desktops, laptops, and dedicated workstations need to be. Data storage, a key source of overhead for today’s hardware, is never impacted. Hardware configurations can remain simple and straightforward.

Last, consider the fact that by outsourcing app management to experienced professionals, you may be able to freeze or even reduce your in-house IT headcount. This gives you a leaner, more effective staff that can focus on truly important strategic projects, not troubleshoot.


Are Hosted Apps Secure?

In many ways, hosted apps are more secure than comparable hardware-installed apps.

When you choose hosted apps, you do away with one of your most intractable vulnerabilities: Patching and updating. With proactive patch management handled entirely by your host app service, you’ll never have to wonder whether crucial security holes have been dealt with or not.

Using hosted apps means there’s a wall of separation between the software you use and your sensitive data. Your hosted app partner shoulders all the burden of monitoring apps for signs of intrusion while your own network remains a low-priority target for hackers.

Of course, it’s essential to be sure every stakeholder understands his or her role in cybersecurity. With basic best practices, however, your security posture won’t change at all due to hosted apps.


What Hardware Do You Need to Benefit from Hosted Apps?

Network bandwidth is the main requirement to benefit from hosted apps. Most of these apps have bare-bones hardware requirements that can be met by cost-effective office computers. Hosted apps do away with the need for most of your pricey, complicated dedicated servers.

A customized approach to hosted apps is the right move for virtually any business. To find out more, contact us today.

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