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IT Consulting NYC - What exactly is it?

IT Consulting NYC

When it comes to IT consulting, NYC could get a little tricky with the plethora of options available for consumers. But what is technology consulting exactly?


IT consulting companies provide professional feedback, strategies, guidelines, and advice for businesses to be able to source, utilize, and manage their IT resources. A firm that provides technology services in New York, such as ETech 7, should be able to offer its expertise in IT helpdesk, IT security, and other IT strategies to streamline a business' functions.

What does a reputable IT consultant in NYC do?

IT Consulting New York

A reputable IT consultant only has one thing in mind: keeping your business up and running. Here at ETech 7, we take full responsibility for all IT-related issues. Our main focus is to provide proactive solutions - preventing most issues before they arise. As IT consultants, we start with an evaluation of your needs before anything else. This phase is called "fact-finding" and could take from a few days to a month depending on the demand, size, and the complexity of your business operations.


After doing a complete audit of your IT needs, a good managed IT firm will send a detailed proposition about the services that they will offer and integrate into your enterprise. Services and tools such as new hardware, software services (SaaS), data management and backup, as well as other cloud-based services could all be offered to you.

Is there a one-size-fits-all approach that New York IT consulting services use?

IT consulting firms nyc

No! Absolutely not. When the first thing that IT companies tell you is that they have a "template" on how to do things, there's only one thing to do: run!


There is NO one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to technology services. Reputable IT firms should always do a complete evaluation of your business and then provide you with a detailed list of services that they could provide. Usually, managed IT service providers provide you with a Service Level Agreement (SLA). An SLA is a written guarantee of service uptime and provided services. An SLA should also contain regular reporting to give you, as a customer, an idea of the services you are getting and the health of your systems. But this doesn’t mean you are tied up in a long-term contract. If you aren’t happy with our service, we would be happy to release you from the contract immediately. Ensuring satisfaction will always be one of our top priorities.

Are IT consulting firms in NYC cheaper than having an in-house IT team?

NYC IT consulting

It depends. If you have the time and resources to build an in-house IT team that will cater to your IT needs, then great! However, it's just not the case for every business. To put into perspective, a business should be prepared to find qualified employees to fill up an IT department, interview them, manage payroll, train them, and take care of other overhead costs.


On the other hand, IT consultants are already trained to service your every need. NYC IT consulting companies support your day-to-day business operations and let you capitalize on emerging trends right away. Many companies usually consult IT companies due to rapid growth. If you are expanding, technology consulting is a great way to deal with your IT needs without adding financial burden to your business.

Dedicated support number with a live help desk - no more waiting to speak to a New York IT Consultant!

IT consultant NYC

A great IT consulting company will bring extensive experience in helpdesk management and a proven methodology in operational metrics to ensure continuous improvement (and uptime!) of your systems.


Calling the IT helpdesk is probably not in anyone's list of favorite things to do. However, here at ETech 7, we try to respond to tickets and issues as soon as we can, as efficient as we can. We pride ourselves with our great customer service and timely response to issues. Though there's always some ramp-up time, you should expect noticeable improvement in IT helpdesk KPIs within the first two months. Calls should be answered quicker, with more problems resolved in a timelier manner.

Is IT consulting in New York the same thing as off-shoring?

IT Consulting NY

Some executives are wary of the idea of a remote team, especially if its members are based in another country. Naturally, some managed IT firms use off-shore team members and some don’t.

Regardless, every member of the support organization should be committed to your success.

A clear contract with SLAs and communication expectations will ensure excellence throughout the operation – from anywhere in the world. Monthly and quarterly contact with your lead consultant or project manager will also help to keep things on track.

Cliff Justice, a principal at KPMG, a top-tier consulting firm, advocates the concept of an Extended Global Enterprise – where central management combines with broadly-distributed expert personnel. He points out that 90% of organizations use some form of shared services or outsourcing in IT.

Is it wise to have an in-house IT team and IT consultants in NYC?

it consultants nyc

It depends. Depending on the size of your business and the complexity of your operations, having an IT team and an IT consultant could make sense in some instances. Small and medium-sized business using an IT consultant sometimes maintain an IT team to support them on day-to-day operations. It's also not unheard of for medium-sized enterprises to have a CIO (Chief Information Officer) or a CTO (Chief Technology Officer) even if they are availing of the services of IT consultants.


The reason being is that these CIOs and CTOs know what types of technology the business needs because they are directly involved in operations. These CIOs and CTOs can then make recommendations to IT consultants on what the business needs to optimize and streamline its functions. technology consulting evolves with technology, so be sure to be on top of your IT needs.

Can IT consulting firms in New York help me with IT strategy?

it consultant nyc

No matter what industry you're in, IT shouldn't be isolated from the rest of your business. IT should even be integrated with your company's overall business strategy. It's vital to ensure your team has the technological resources necessary to push growth and revenue to new heights. With that in mind, IT  firms can often serve as your designated technology future-looker.

One of the major advantages of an experienced NYC IT consultant is the ability to connect capabilities to strategy. If you are planning the launch of a new product, location, or other initiative that will call for new IT tools, your consultant can architect a custom solution exactly when you need it.

Naturally, this depends to a large extent on your IT consulting firm and their ability to keep up with the latest changes in areas like the Internet of Things, online security, and cutting-edge innovations like quantum computing.

Sleep better knowing that your data is always secure with a reliable NYC IT Consultant

it consulting nyc

In a digital world, a network breach can happen anytime, anywhere - it's the reality. Businesses, from SMEs to Fortune 500 companies, are always at risk. According to INC, 60% of small businesses targeted by hackers had no other choice but close after six months. Under these high-risk conditions, your managed services provider must work seamlessly to bolster your security.


What can you do to strengthen your security measures? Simple, hire an IT consultant! IT consultants will allow you to significantly reduce the probability of breaches by making recommendations to bolster your IT security. Consultants provide critical IT knowledge to maintain your systems and keep them updated.


IT consulting NYC companies can also offer monitoring and proactive incident management for your internal resources, giving you an extra layer of protection. You should continue to ensure that your non-technical staff members understand their role in data security – human error can leave your business vulnerable.

What if IT consultant companies aren't right for me?

IT Consulting Manhattan

If you decide that you want complete control over all aspects of your IT, unwinding your service agreement with an IT consultant is simple. In general, all you need to do is submit a request in writing. Many contracts are renewed month-to-month, but some consultants offer long-term agreements.


On the date of your service termination, you'll return to internal IT resources. Any sensitive information on the consultant's system is deleted and hard copies, if applicable, are returned to you. To make sure it all goes smoothly, a wind-down meeting should start the process.

Can IT consulting firms in NYC positively affect my bottomline?

IT consulting firms near me

If used correctly, then most definitely! All enterprises that work with NYC IT firms will have a positive effect on their ROI in one way or another. It's nearly impossible to predict ROI without specifically knowing the details of your business and its operations but it is not unusual to secure a savings of 30% to 50% on key IT expense areas. These areas include hardware, software, recruitment, and training IT personnel.

Does the size of an IT firm matter?

it consulting new york city

Many company decision-makers are concerned that larger IT firms won't provide personalized services that adds real value to their bottomline. Most of the time, companies seek out smaller IT partners in hopes that communication will be easier and more efficient. From our experience, size isn't a deciding factor when choosing an IT firm. We recommend that you focus on the offered services, price, and - most importantly - the reputation of the firm.

Are New York IT consulting firms equipped to deal with a security breach/data loss?

it consulting ny

We aim to eliminate downtime for you and your staff - no downtime means higher productivity. IT firms are trained to deal with a security breach and system failure. Usually, IT consultants respond with the appropriate fixes and then place security measures to ensure that these problems won't happen again. In most cases, consultants are also knowledgeable when it comes to data recovery and other backup measures in the event of data loss. This ensures that your company would not lose any important information. It's crucial to ensure that the rest of your IT services are aligned with your company's overall plan - for example, regular data backups are necessary to ensure an optimal set point for data restoration.

Can Tech consulting firms in NYC help with compliance?

IT consultant near me

Yes! IT consultants are equipped to help you with compliance no matter what industry you're from. When it comes to IT consultants, New York offers a plethora of companies to choose from. However, keep in mind that IT consultants also provide specialized services for companies that need to ensure compliance in the city or state that they are in. According to a cost of compliance report by Thompson Reuters in 2017, 53% of firms expected their compliance costs to grow over 12 months.


Luckily, much of compliance takes place in the context of your IT systems and our IT staff are prepared to cater to your needs. A consultant should be able to provide insight into your industry and propose systems to automate and validate key compliance processes.

Thinking of getting started? Let ETech 7 help you out!

it consultants nyc

ETech 7 provides a FREE and all-encompassing evaluation of your current IT measures. Before signing any type of agreement, we would also like to meet with prospective clients to clearly define expectations and ensure that those expectations are met. As with any business relationship, IT advising is more effective with trust and clear communication.


Here at ETech 7, we function to keep you pleased. When all is said and done, your trust is more important than anything else. New York does things differently - and so do we. Contact us today for more information.

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Can the best managed services provider in nyc meet my needs?


Somerset Partners Keith Rubenstein

“ETech 7 is outstanding among IT consulting firms because they bring a wealth of knowledge and maturity, a demonstrated work ethic and strong leadership skills to their work … they also carry a rare form of loyalty that I’ve seldom seen.”


LLD Diamonds Greg Sofiev

“We've hired ETech 7 to setup our backup solution and found them to be a great asset. They hit the ground running quickly, work well with the team and gets results. The ETech 7 support team is just a phone call away and they treat our team-members with respect.”

Frequently asked questions

NYC IT Consulting: What should I ask?

Here at ETech 7, we understand that it is a daunting task shortlisting potential IT consultants for your company. The best thing to do is to analyze your company from top to bottom and evaluate where operations are lacking. In this way, you are sure that you are only availing of what you need and not spending more money on unnecessary services. Another thing to keep in mind is to make sure that your IT consultant in New York has qualified staff that are familiar in your business’ industry. Industries like healthcare, finance, and legal all have different types of licenses and compliances that you need to remember in order to function as effectively and as efficiently as you can.

What sets IT consultants in New York apart?

IT consultants, New York City or in any metropolitan area, vary greatly depending on where you are located. Location is always an advantage when thinking of hiring an IT consultant. Whenever you have an urgent problem or an immediate need to have a problem resolved, it’s always better if your IT consultant can deploy a skilled IT technician to help you out with the problem you are encountering. If your IT consultant isn’t in the same city or in the same state, it can be difficult for you to resolve issues that may arise.

Are NYC IT support firms reliable?

Of course! IT support firms, NYC especially, are very competitive as they belong in a teeming industry. The only ones that survive are the ones that are reputable and are constantly investing in themselves in order to stay ahead of the competition.


Pro Tip: Always check your prospective IT consultants Google/Yelp reviews first before making an initial contact. In this way, you could already filter out the ones that are reliable from the ones that aren’t. 


There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to choosing the right IT support firm. The best course of action to take is to familiarize yourself with your company, your industry, and your needs in order to make the most out of your IT consultant.

Would IT advisors be able to work with my in-house IT team?

Most definitely! As we said in the first part of this FAQ, you should be able to evaluate and analyze where your company is lacking and where it’s thriving. IT advisors should only come in if the business functions that need support. Your IT team should also be able to communicate what their needs are to avoid redundant work. 

Pro Tip: Have a sit down meeting with your in-house IT team and your prospective IT consultant first before signing a contract. In this way, you will be able to find out how they would interact, what types of services you would be getting advice about, and how to prepare for expansion and turnover efforts.

Are you looking for ' it consulting companies near me '?

If you are looking for an IT consultant near me, look no further. At ETech 7, we make sure that all your IT requirements are met. We have the top IT consultants in New York. When you work with us, we take care of all your IT needs so that you can focus on growing your business.

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