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What does it mean to backup the servers for my company?

Just think of a server as a computer for a computer. A server can link multiple users on different workstations, and most businesses will use them for their enterprise capabilities. Servers are usually more robust than the average desktop, since they handle more processes, but that doesn’t mean they’re failproof. Backing up your servers is one of the most important things you can do for your business. If you have a backup and disaster strikes, you can keep on doing business as usual.

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Why are server backup services important for my business?

There are a few situations where you might wish you had thought about backing up your server:

Ransomware or Viruses: Even the best anti-virus program can’t catch everything. You have to be on the lookout for ransomware, which will lock down your files unless you pay a hefty fee. Viruses can corrupt your files, making them irretrievable. In these situations, a backup would allow you to migrate your files to a new device, and keep working as if nothing happened.

Hardware Failure: Even though servers can be more powerful than a personal computer, that doesn’t mean they can’t fail. If you’ve been running your business on the same server for 20 years, it’s likely that a component or two might break down. Even if you have brand-new equipment, accidents can happen. 

Human Error: We all make mistakes, but you can keep consequences to a minimum with a server backup. If you or an employee accidentally delete a file, there’s no reason you should be set back. A server backup is a great way to easily restore files that have been deleted or lost.  Consult with an Expert


Where can I find the best online backup plan for my company?

Finding an IT company that’s a good fit for you can be a daunting task. There are plenty of companies out there that offer IT services, but choosing just one isn’t easy. How do you know that they’ll do what they say they will? Will they really understand your business and your needs? If you’re looking online, the first place to look is to check their reviews. If a company has negative online feedback, then you should probably steer clear of them. Look at their website to see what services they offer. Do their plans cover your IT requirements? If the IT provider still seems like a good fit, ask them if they can give you references from other customers they have, so you can get an inside look about what doing business with them is like.

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Is any additional infrastructure needed in order to backup my server?

For remote backups, there’s no additional hardware needed to backup your server. ETech 7 can schedule a remote backup to store a copy of your data in a separate location, for an added layer of security. If you already have hardware on-site, and you want to keep a copy of your data locally, it’s possible that you might need another hard drive to store your backup. If a customer wants to have an on-site drive, we make sure that it can withstand most physical threats (theft, fire, water damage).

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What is the best online backup method to use when backing up my servers?

Online backups, or remote backups, offer a few advantages over local server backups. If you make a local backup, whatever happens to your main drive (theft, damage, etc.) is also likely to happen to a drive that you store near it. By using a remote backup solution, you create a geographically redundant version of your data that can be easily loaded on to any of your computers.  Online backups are managed through the cloud, and can be scheduled as frequently as you want. We can also create a backup solution that minimizes the amount of data that needs to be transmitted, which translates into less downtime for your business.

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How do you prevent equipment or service failures?

No one can avoid running in to equipment or service issues from time to time, but at ETech 7, we take proactive steps to reduce the amount of time spent dealing with these problems. To prevent power failures, we keep backup power sources running to all our most critical equipment. We also partition our servers to make migrating entire system environments as easy and fast as possible, in case of a server issue. ETech 7 also continuously analyzes all of our client’s data to try to detect weak points that can be remedied before they are breached. Our commitment is to the accessibility and safety of our customer’s information, while maintaining their privacy and integrity.

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How will remote backup services benefit my business?

Imagine that you’re working on a big project that’s due soon. You’ve been working on it for weeks, and you’re supposed to give a presentation on it tomorrow. Suddenly, your computer runs into an error. Try as you might, despite having saved the file each and every time you worked on it, you can’t retrieve it. How would you feel in that situation? You’d probably wish you had another copy of your project just waiting for you to retrieve it. Well, with remote server backups, you’ll get just that. You can reduce downtime lost to common mistakes or network errors just by scheduling a server backup. If you’re worried about being able to access your data quickly, we put our backup system “through its paces” to ensure that it can easily upload or download your files and system preferences.


Why should I care about backing up my server?

In a common data recovery situation, an external hard drive is a great way to add a little insurance to your workstations. You might have to manually upload the information from workstation to hard drive, but the information can be easily uploaded back onto your computers. The downside to this method is that when disaster strikes, it can affect all the hardware in your office, from workstations to hard drives. This is why having a remote server backup is a solid second line of defense against disasters. By keeping a copy of your data entirely separate from your office environment, you’ll always have access to the files you need, whenever you need them.  

Will I have access to my files when they’re being backed up?

Depending on the type of backups you’ve done, it can sometimes be difficult to open files while they’re being uploaded to a secondary location. We offer a few backup options so you can decide which ones will impact your business workflow the least. If you opt in for partial backups, they’ll take a lot less time than a full system backup. We can also plan your backup schedule around your business hours, so your workflow experiences minimal interruptions.


Why should I rely on an IT company to provide server backup storage?

When you’re running a business, you want to dedicate as much time as you can to focus on your success. If IT issues are distracting you from your work, you might wish you had someone to handle your IT support. If you’re able to automate some otherwise time-consuming processes (like server backup), then you free up time to work on the things that matter most to you. Additionally, not many business owners have the IT know-how to properly encrypt and store their data. What good is having a data backup if it gets lost or broken into? By using an MSP like ETech 7 to manage your server backups, you’re making an investment in your company’s data security.

Why should I rely on an external IT company to manage server backups?

If you outsource your data backups, you’re able to free up a lot of time for your in-house technicians to work on other IT projects. If you have the resources to have your own IT department, there’s no reason they should have to spend time on routine IT processes. By outsourcing this sort of work, you’re enabling your staff to work on more complex business IT concerns.

It also doesn’t hurt to have a little insurance in case something goes wrong. If your only IT technician is out for the day and can’t be reached, what are you going to do if you need to access a backup they made right now? If you’re working with ETech 7, we have 24/7 dedicated support to make sure that you can always reach someone who can help.


Should I look into using cloud backup solutions?

Most people have heard of “the cloud”, but don’t know what it is beyond its buzzword status. The cloud is a way of networking that allows for greater connectivity between workstations. With the cloud, you can get access to a lot of great tools that you don’t have to pre-install on your machine. When you’re using the cloud to do backups, you’re putting your data into a more centralized repository. This has the benefit of spreading your information over a greater network (which helps to prevent data loss), and will let you access your data from essentially any connected device.  


Should I be concerned about utilizing remote server backup services?

Some business owners believe that the only way to keep their data safe is to keep a single copy close to where they do business. Not only is this method not safer for their data, it’s significantly more likely to result in irretrievable data loss. By using remote server backup services, you create additional copies of your data. Much like giving a copy of a key to your neighbor, it means you won’t be locked out of your system when you lose it. Unfortunately, many people only come to this realization once they’ve already suffered a data loss. Don’t wait until disaster strikes, and speak to your IT provider about their contingency plans.


Why is data encryption crucial for my business?

If you create a copy of your data, but don’t take the necessary precautions to protect it, you’re leaving yourself wide open to security threats. As more and more security breaches occur, it’s critical to make sure you preserve your data’s integrity. With data encryption, you make your information unreadable to anyone other than those with the correct key, whether the data is being transmitted from one place to another, or is just sitting in storage. At ETech 7, we use the highest grade of encryption available to ensure that your data remains your own.

Will server backup solutions work across the board for my company?

Server backup solutions can be managed from an individual location, or can stored on a centralized server. Whether you have one office or one hundred, you’ll still have the option to network your locations remotely. The benefit of using a server backup for multiple locations is that you can provide the same level of data protection no matter where you’re based.

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