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What is an IT MSP company?

IT MSP stands for “Information Technology Managed Service Provider”. An MSP is a company that acts as a stand-in for in-house IT employees, and can potentially replace an entire IT department. Some IT needs that a company might have are setting up a wireless network, backing up devices, immediate helpdesk support, and more. Ultimately, an MSP is there to assist your company in all aspects of technological support.

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Why does my company need managed IT support services?

Every company might have a different reason why they need IT services, but if you use technology, then you need an IT team - period. Whether you have a friend you call when your network is down, or you have a crack-team of codebreakers at your disposal, everyone who has a computer eventually runs into an issue. When you’re using a personal computer, the issues can be minor and fixed in your spare time. When you’re running a business, often with multiple users and workstations, the problems become a lot bigger. Any downtime you face is time that your business isn’t operating. This is why it’s essential for businesses to have someone they can call if they run into issues, or just have questions about how they can improve their IT infrastructure.

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Why should I outsource IT support instead of hiring someone “in-house”?

Many companies have their own IT departments, but these companies are usually quite large. They have many more IT needs than a small- to medium-sized business does, so their scale justifies having more employees. For small- to medium-sized businesses, hiring another employee means having to pay more salary, benefits, and increase office space. For less than the price of a full-time IT employee, you can get a managed IT service plan that provides you with an IT technician when you need it. If your IT problem requires more manpower, you can easily scale up to having multiple technicians to work on a resolution, without any increased costs to you.  

Furthermore, IT MSPs usually have experience in providing IT support to businesses like yours. If you hire someone who only knows IT, there may be industry-specific issues that they haven’t confronted. ETech 7 has worked with a broad cross-section of businesses over the years, and we’ve created specific protocols to deal with a wide variety of IT issues.

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Will using a managed IT company help me keep up with competitors?

Do your competitors use computers? If you’re living in the 21st century, the answer is almost definitely “yes.” If so, then your competitors need IT support like any other business. If there’s an issue, immediate helpdesk support will keep your business ahead by ensuring that you experience minimal, if any, downtime.

By using a managed IT company, you can tap a wealth of resources that gives you more than just a network setup. Managed IT providers can advise you on the latest technological trends that will ensure you stay one step ahead of everyone else.

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How can I learn about helpdesk support pricing for my business?

It’s important to do your due diligence before committing to a provider who will manage your helpdesk. If you’ve just been looking at local providers for IT support, then you might not have considered looking for IT support elsewhere. The great thing about IT services is that you’re not limited to using an IT company that’s in your area, since most IT services are done remotely. Once you’ve expanded your network, try to look at the business objectively. Do they provide support to people in your industry? Do they have good online reviews? Once you’ve established that they’ve passed these basic tests, they should be able to provide you with an obligation-free quote. This quote details what sort of services they will provide, and can be a starting point for discussing your company’s individual IT needs.

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What sort of response times for IT customer support can you guarantee?

The answer depends on the sort of question you have. Usually our tickets are addressed within 5-10 minutes. If you have an emergency (like a downed server) then you’ll be put at the front of the line, which means that your emergency will be dealt with immediately. If you have other questions about our response times, please give us a call!

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Can using a Managed IT support company help me with compliance?

There are plenty of business that adhere to certain compliance regulations, depending on what industry they’re in. If you’re a physician, then you have to maintain HIPAA compliance, if you’re an investment banker, you might have to keep detailed transaction records. The purpose of external compliance regulations is to protect both business owners as well as their clients. If you’ve taken the necessary steps to stick to compliance regulations, then you can protect your business’s reputation and prevent future legal action.

However, the world of compliance regulation can be challenging to people who aren’t involved in drafting the rules. To make things more complicated, regulations can change after you’ve set up your IT infrastructure, which means you might have to make additional changes to how you do business. By partnering with an IT company that has experience in compliance regulation, you’re making a committed choice to the integrity of your business as well as your customer relationships.


Should I care if my IT management provider is based locally?

If you’re in a location where there aren’t many IT companies, you might feel that you don’t have many options when it comes to IT providers. Fortunately, most IT companies are able to set up and maintain their services remotely. This way, you have plenty of options to choose from when selecting an IT service. At ETech 7, we have clients both locally in our tri-state area, as well as around the country. If an out-of-state business contacts us to set up IT service, we contract local IT providers to assist us if there’s a physical issue that can’t be resolved over the computer.


What will happen when an IT provider arrives to set up my business?

Many people wonder if contacting an IT company means that they need to make drastic changes in the way they do business. If you’re starting from ground zero, having an IT company on board can be helpful in making informed decisions about what technology you need now, and what you might need to expand. If you already have existing infrastructure, an IT company can advise you about how to best optimize your current system to fit your needs. Ultimately, an IT company will only make the changes you require.

At ETech 7, we have established protocols in place to ensure continuity of service. What this means is that we extensively document every IT practice we put in place, and share this documentation with our clients. That way, you will have a better understanding of how your IT network operates, which means that you’ll be better able to educate and train your employees.


What differentiates all the various IT support providers across the country?

If you’ve done a simple online search, it seems like everyone has an IT support company. How can you determine which one will be the best one for your business? First off, it’s important to know how long the IT provider has been in business. If an IT company is just getting started, they probably don’t have the experience and knowledge that an older company has. When you’re signing with a new company, you also run the risk of their business failing, a risk that is minimized slightly by going with a time-tested business. You should ask what sort of certifications their technicians hold, and how long the technicians have been with the company. Additionally, an IT company with more staff can handle a larger volume of IT issues, versus a company that has only one or two people on board. Finally, a good IT company should be willing to provide you with references from clients, so you can get a clearer picture of what to expect.

What if I don’t think your IT consulting firm will be able to understand my business?

IT consulting firms are able to work with a wide variety of businesses across many industries just as any consulting firm would do. The difference is, we focus on how your business can leverage IT to become even stronger and more productive. At ETech 7, we’ve worked with plenty of corporations and have helped them succeed in improving their technological capabilities, and it’s likely that we’ve worked with a business similar to yours. In case we haven’t, or if there’s something particular you’d like us to know about your business, please feel free to speak to us about your concerns.

How often should I expect my MSP to update my business’s security?

We provide all our clients with an initial security assessment when we come on board. Based on our feedback, you can implement our suggestions as you see fit. We also provide physically secure hardware for our clients with features such as waterproofing and fireproofing, so you can be reassured that your data is safe.

In terms of cyber-security, an MSP should be expected to roll out updates as soon as they are available. Data encryption in transmission and storage should be expected as well. If you’re using a server, ask about their virtualization protocols to make sure that no one else can access your data. An MSP should and will only access your network when prompted to do so by an authorized user.


What if I plan to expand my business in the near future?

The great thing about IT infrastructure is that it is rarely static. If changes need to be made to it, then it’s not usually difficult to do so. Ask your managed service provider about what size client they’re able to handle, or currently have. If they have a client that is much larger your business is now, then you know that they’re able to scale up and down effectively. If you have 5 employees, and none of their clients have more than 5 employees either, then you may run into some issues of scale if you want to expand. Speak to your MSP about any concerns you have with expansion, and they’ll be able to set you up with a plan that takes your needs into account.

Will I have access to 24/7 support?

Absolutely! We recognize that not all businesses run on a 9-5 schedule, so you shouldn’t have to limit your support to those hours. An IT issue is as likely to occur at 2 am as it is at 2 pm. We offer 24/7 support to all our clients, and are prepared for any eventuality at any time of day.

What if I’m not so tech savvy? Will an IT consultant be able to teach me what I need to know to get my business running smoothly?

Our IT technicians are experienced in teaching all kinds of people, whether they’ve never turned on a computer before or if they have some IT knowledge themselves. If there’s ever an issue that you don’t fully understand, or want to discuss something with us, just give one of our technicians a call!

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