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Why would a law firm want to use an IT company?

law firm IT company

Legal firms may look to outsource their IT needs for a variety of reasons. Some firms appreciate the years of experience that IT companies have in their industry, versus hiring someone who is relatively new to providing IT support. Other firms might want access to the enterprise software and hardware that a dedicated IT company can provide through their industry contacts. For example, ETech 7 is a business partner with companies such as Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard, which gives us access to exclusive pricing and priority support. Most often though, law firms want to outsource their IT department because it would be prohibitively expensive to hire their own. In small to medium size law firms, the initial costs and time involved in getting an entire IT team up and running proved to be expensive and time-consuming. Outsourcing your IT is a great way to save money and allows you to focus on your company and your clients.

Why does a law firm need an external IT company?

law firm external IT company

Today, lawyers recognize the need for a good IT strategy. This is in part due to actions such as the one recently taken by Florida’s bar. This measure requires its members to take 3 hours of continuing legal education courses (CLE’s) in a technological subject, in addition to the standard 30-hour requirement.

Lawyers might look at their competitors and wonder what makes them so successful. If your firm doesn’t manage its IT needs well, then you may be at risk of falling behind. Blue Hill Research, an advisory firm that focuses on enterprise technology, found that when small to medium sized businesses implemented a good law practice management strategy (such as using IT management), they were able to convert previously non-billable hours to billable ones, and reduced their reliance on other support staff.

Advancements in tech have allowed lawyers to communicate effectively with both colleagues and clients. This has allowed law firms with secure and encrypted methods of communication to work remotely and stay on track with their billable hours, even when they’re not in the office. With more and more work taking place outside the firm’s building, one might think they could forgo the office altogether. In fact, advanced project management software is making it possible to conduct business entirely remotely. Whether you choose to not have a physical office at all, or just want your lawyers to keep connected through a secure smartphone connection, it’s important to rely on an IT management provider to allow you to communicate both safely and reliably.


How can IT support fit into my law firm?

IT support law firm

IT support should be able to integrate seamlessly into your existing legal firm’s architecture. We’re able to work with a wide variety of legal teams, both large and small, in order to assure your success in a technologically driven world. One of the advantages of outsourcing your IT team is that there’s no need to free up any office space or buy new and expensive hardware. ETech 7 is a fully equipped and qualified IT support company that has pre-existing standards in place that are able to work with nearly every type of business. In the rare event that you have an issue that we haven’t previously confronted, you can be assured that our technicians will work with your firm to find the right solution!


Is network design and planning useful for my legal firm?

network design and planning legal firm

Just like you wouldn’t enter a courtroom without having done your due diligence, ETech 7 evaluates each client individually to determine the correct course of action. If you’re starting your IT journey from the beginning, then we can plan a network from start to finish. If you have legacy systems that you’re using, we can work around the existing infrastructure to ease your transition to a more efficient one. We take your needs into account when creating an IT network for you.


How can disaster recovery benefit my legal firm?

disaster recovery legal firm

Nobody likes to consider a disastrous event, but unfortunately, it can happen even if you have an established IT plan. Few things can stop business in their place like losing data or having a server offline.  There are some basic precautions that outsourced IT companies can take when planning for a disaster situation, such as keeping servers in different locations and frequent backups. We also create “tolerance tests” where we run simulations that mimic worst-case scenarios. This ensures that the time it takes to get back on track is acceptable to your business.


How are managed IT services being used in the legal industry?

managed IT services legal industry

Managed IT services are a necessary component of any law firm’s strategy to succeed if they don’t have dedicated IT staff. A managed IT company will set up employee workstations, maintain your cloud network and database, and be available 24/7 to handle any requests. Additionally, many law firms have to safeguard client information to meet ABA and state ethical guidelines. ETech 7 realizes that keeping you and your clients safe is of the utmost importance, and is constantly working to prevent cyber-attacks and malicious code from reaching our own customers.


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