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Outsourcing IT Services

ETech 7’s managed IT plans make outsourcing IT services a breeze. ETech 7 provides a solution customized for any business that wishes to focus their efforts on their core competency without the complications and headaches of managing an IT department.

  • Increases productivity maximizing your IT investments
  • Ensures your technology supports your business objectives
  • Frees you from managing multiple vendors
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Managed IT Support

ETech 7's managed IT support allows your company to leverage the knowledge and experience of IT experts that possess an in-depth understanding of networks, servers, patch management, network monitoring, network security, practice management software, and more.

  • Frees you from constant end-user support interruptions
  • Ensures your products are properly licensed
  • Provides proactive planning to avoid unplanned charges and replacements
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Network Security Management

ETech 7's dedicated staff utilizes the most advanced remote monitoring and asset management tools available to ensure network security and management. Our team proactively monitors and manages your network to protect and defend against hackers, viruses and spy-ware while ensuring up-time, productivity and efficiency.

  • Enhance the overall security of your systems
  • Provide anti-virus solutions that protect your server and workstations
  • Implement a computer network security plan
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Business IT Support

Business IT support is essential for computer network maintenance. Our IT maintenance plans were designed to keep your systems running at their optimum level and provide protection from hardware failure or threats to your data both internally and externally.

  • Providing better IT cost management and predictability
  • Bundling a server maintenance plan and a computer maintenance plan saves costs
  • Giving you access to advanced tools and software
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IT Maintenance Plans

Having a professional IT network maintenance plan is vital to the survival and longevity of your business. Without a properly functioning network that is up to speed on a daily basis, information becomes lost, systems crash and downtime occurs, costing you not only time but possible business.

  • Assurance that all windows updates, software and anti-virus signatures are up-to-date
  • Continuous virus and spyware checks and removal
  • Performance checks for hardware upgrades
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IT Service Plans

ETech 7’s IT service plans are designed for businesses requiring on-site and continuous remote support - to either reduce costs, delegate duties, increase preventive maintenance or simply allow existing staff to focus on more important strategic initiatives

  • Users can call, email or chat with our help desk line directly
  • Support for mainstream and proprietary software
  • Handle connectivity, software, printers and all network connected devices
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