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Managed Backup for Your Business Data

Backup and Recovery Services

Every business must recognize and acknowledge their dependence on computers and technology. Large amounts of data are being stored on computers. As more data is accumulated, it needs to be backed up properly. Data loss can occur at any time and put your company's future in jeopardy. In fact, 80% of all companies that suffer significant data loss close down!
  • Who will install setup and monitor the data backup software
  • What exactly will be backed up (just data, or the entire operating system) 
  • Who will restore data and how long will it take (down time)


Business Backup Software

Merely backing up your data is not ETech 7's objective. Your data is one of your most valued resources. We provide business backup software that addresses all of your needs and concerns. Where other backup providers only provide a place to store your data, ETech 7 provides a complete managed backup service for your office.
  • Assess your current backup method and its shortcomings
  • Install, configure and deploy the complete ETech 7 backup solution
  • Setup backup schedule with monitoring, reporting, and data disaster recovery plan


Onsite Data Backup

Every business must have a copy of their data in their office at all times. A secure onsite backup is an integral part of a complete backup solution. Business owners feel more secure when they have a copy of their business data on premises.
  • Storage of data on a fire / water proof hard drive
  • Utilization of cutting edge mirror image backup software for speedy recovery
  • Reduction of downtime and interruption of business operations with our technology 


Secure Offsite Backup

Our managed secure offsite backup service ensures that a continuous replication of your business data is stored off-site within our secure data centers so if the worse ever happened, your business could quickly be back up and running. Shouldn’t this be step one on your disaster recovery plan?
  • Military Grade Encryption during backup and transfer of data into offsite storage
  • SAS 70 II datacenters protected by gated access, 24 x 7 x 365 on-site staffed security and technicians
  • Automated offsite backup and protects data against hardware malfunction, accidental deletion, virus attacks, theft and natural disasters.


Remote Data Monitoring

Unlike other backup providers, ETech 7 actually monitors your data. Backup health management is critical to a complete backup solution. ETech7 automates the entire backup health monitoring process, constantly monitoring the performance and status, of the backup jobs that are scheduled for their clients.
  • Reporting module provides on demand and real-time visibility on backup status
  • Exception reports emailed to you or multiple contacts within your organization
  • Backup administrator lets you customize your reports 


Bare Metal Restore

Fast and reliable server backup solution that captures full, differential and incremental point-in-time backup images of your entire system. This includes the operating system, applications, configuration settings and data. ETech 7 will restore your entire server to its pre-data loss state within a matter of minutes.
  • When disaster strikes, data recovery and full restoration of your entire system will be handled completely by ETech 7 without any additional costs
  • Hardware Independent Restore (HIR) technology makes it quick and easy to recover to the same system
  • Quickly browse to specific files and folders in your point-in-time server backup images to perform granular recovery of your data

What Our Managed IT Customers Are Saying


"ETech 7 is outstanding among IT consulting firms because they bring a wealth of knowledge and maturity, a demonstrated work ethic and strong leadership skills to their work … they also carry a rare form of loyalty that I’ve seldom seen."


"We've hired ETech 7 to setup our backup solution and found them to be a great asset. They hit the ground running quickly, work well with the team and gets results. The ETech 7 support team is just a phone call away and they treat our team-members with respect."


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