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Secure Offsite Data Backup

Our mission is to ensure businesses protect their data properly! A proper data protection plan requires your data to be stored in an off-site location. ETech 7’s secure offsite data backup software is intuitive, scalable, affordable, and provides sophisticated security to meet your business needs. In short - businesses use it and love it.

  • It's as simple as Drag & Drop
  • Personal account rep
  • Online file access
  • Client web portal
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Auto Backup Software

ETech 7 keeps it simple for you to back up your data. With no hardware or software to install, maintain or update, we (not you) will deploy our auto backup software in minutes.

  • Instant installation and implementation
  • Unlimited file version history
  • 11 data centers on 5 continents
  • Military Grade encryption
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Backup And Disaster Recovery

When any business suffers data loss, a backup and disaster recovery plan can mean the difference between staying open or closing for good. ETech 7 offers a complete data restoration solution in an event of data loss, just give us a call and let us handle it for you!

  • Professional certified staff
  • Unparalleled response time
  • Immediate recovery to a failover server pre-installed with your settings
  • Mirror imaging technology allows for fast data recovery and restoration
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