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Maximizing business continuity while minimizing business disruption can be especially challenging following a server failure. Rebuilding a server from the ground up is a time-consuming process; repairing the server if possible then loading the operating system, applications and finally the data, if you are able to access the data at all. Many times you may have to start from scratch or use other sources to recover what you've lost. ETech 7 simplifies this process for you with a comprehensive backup program.

  • Overnight delivery of new server
  • Restoration includes operating system, applications, configuration settings and data, and all in one backup image file
  • Minimal down-time due to planning and preparation
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Bare Metal Disaster Recovery

When a hard-drive fails, a technician must repair the server, if possible, re-install the operating system, re-install applications, restore sharing and printing and then add data file backups, if they are available. This process can take days, time your business can ill-afford to lose. ETech 7's backup solutions restores your point-in-time backup image and you are ready to go.

  • Bare metal recovery through any removable device
  • Your network
  • ETech 7's secure off-site storage locations
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Granular Backup

At one time or another, most users have accidentally deleted files or folders they need. Administrators must have a way to resolve those day-to-day "oops" moments. Without a granular backup, IT administrators may have to restore an entire server backup to access specific files and folders. Since this process can take hours, many administrators are reluctant to perform a brick-level restore for just a few missing files.

  • Granular recovery of individual files and folders
  • Mounting a point-in-time backup image file for quick file browsing when needed
  • Drag and drop folder capabilities to your production server
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