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Backup Software

ETech 7’s backup software will help you clearly identify and document important information about which data is essential to your day-to-day operations, where that data is stored, how it is stored and what security measures are in effect to protect it.

  • Analyze your current data backup solution and measure effectiveness
  • Research compliance standards for data backup in your industry
  • Create a complete picture of your data systems and backup needs
  • Provide a customized disaster recovery plan to ensure business continuity
  • Implement and manage your back up solutions
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Data Backup Solutions

Most backup providers supply space and software and leave the rest up to the customer. During the setup, there are many features and tech terms that are presented to the end user. Options are important, but end up confusing users.

  • Create a customized, full service data backup solution for your business
  • Backup entire system by cloning it
  • Install and configure the Waterproof/Fireproof On-Site Hard Drive
  • Setup a comprehensive customized backup schedule
  • Install ETech 7 backup monitoring and reporting software
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