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Does outsourcing IT services save money? In most cases, the answer is a definite yes. When you outsource IT, you can hire a team of expert technology consultants, usually at a lower price than a single in-house employee. There is also less infrastructure to invest in, resulting in clear-cut cost savings.

  • A team of outsourced IT professionals costs far less than an in-house employee group
  • Training is provided by the outsource service, eliminating educational costs
  • IT infrastructure is housed off-site, reducing your equipment and maintenance costs
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Outsource IT Services

Your internal infrastructure is one of the keys to your productivity. Outages and downtime diminish your productivity. Interruptions to your operations should be resolved in a minimal amount of time, with as little disruption to your staff as possible. When you outsource IT services, your entire business will run smoothly.

  • ETech 7 experts are available 24/7
  • There is never a risk of overwhelming your IT staff with multiple issues
  • Faster response times increase productivity and minimize downtime
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Outsource IT Support

When calculating the ROI on your technology spending, it is important to know exactly where the money is going and how it's being spent. When you outsource IT support to ETech 7, you have assurances that your IT investments are being put to the best possible use, keeping your operations flowing smoothly. Constant feedback and transparency from ETech 7 creates instant accountability.

  • ETech 7 provides continuous reporting, demonstrating effectiveness in preventing downtime
  • Transparent reporting of all network actions taken allows for clear accounting
  • Predictable monthly costs make budgeting and ROI calculations easier and more precise
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