Onsite Data Backup

ETech 7 provides onsite data backup that is prepared for the worst and is easily reinstituted.
  • Data Backup Storage
  • Protecting Business Data
  • Up And Running In Minutes

Data Backup Storage

ETech 7 will provide the most advanced fireproof/waterproof external hard drive in the world. Why? To protect the most important data in the world "Yours"! Best business practice dictates "provide the best technology to your clients". And that's what ETech 7 is all about.

  • Fireproof & Waterproof Hard Drive
  • Crush & Shock proof
  • Theft proof
  • Drop protection up to 20 feet

Protecting Business Data

ETech 7 keeps your data protected in the event of a break in. With a built in Kensington security slot and anti-theft tab, securing our hard drive to any surface is fast and simple. Focus on growing your business, and we'll focus on ensuring your digital assets are there when you need them.

  • Backup your data in real-time or at any interval you choose
  • Never again will your servers be left vulnerable to data loss
  • Minimize interruption of your business operations
  • Be a winner, not a victim!

Up And Running In Minutes

Successful business continuity is a game of preparation. In the aftermath of a server or hard drive failure, flood, fire or theft, there's no time for decisions - only time for acting on the decisions that should have already been made. We ensure your systems are up and running in a matter of minutes, by utilizing mirror imaging technology.

  • ETech 7 does not backup your data folders - like other providers
  • Our proprietary software is engineered to store a snapshot of your server
  • We backup your applications, configurations, operating system and personal settings
  • Store an image of your server not just raw data