Round-the-clock network management and monitoring
Let The Pro’s Handle IT

Managed IT Support Services

When the operational efficiency of your business is at stake, it makes sense to prioritize the handling of all your computer and networking needs, and entrust it to those who specialize in IT. Far too many businesses delegate IT management to an ill-equipped section of their department, when few things are more important than having a secure and well-managed computer network and the right managed IT support services to maintain it.

  • Keep your business running smoothly with quickly accessible help desk support
  • Round-the-clock management and monitoring by network administrators
  • Professional advice and recommendations regarding the totality of your IT requirements

Remote Network Monitoring Services

With a variety of cost-effective and affordable maintenance plans, ETech 7’s remote network monitoring service is accessible to small or mid-sized businesses. For the best results, customization is key: the categories of service your business requires can fluctuate depending on size. The ever-present network administrator that’s a part of any package can identify and fix problems as they arise, keeping your network secure and up-to-date.

  • Identify problems & quickly resolve them using ETech 7’s array of tools
  • Institute hardware upgrades, after identifying problems using RMM software
  • Technicians work remotely on your server and computers to save time

Remote Managed IT Services

A robust IT managed support services firm recognizes the imperativeness of data backup and recovery. While you go about your business (literally speaking), our remote managed IT service keeps the all-important background running smoothly, so that you don’t have to concern yourself with technology details such as network servers, security and management. You can’t afford to be bothered with an otherwise unrelated section of your core business devoted to IT management, when your competitors are using fully-devoted services.

  • Don't ignore the all-too important and cost-saving mechanism of outsourced efficiency
  • Eliminate persistent worries about software problems which plague many businesses
  • Reduce computer and network downtime through proactive maintenance