Business Email Marketing

ETech 7 can establish your email marketing strategy to nurture your leads more proficiently
  • Email Marketing Service Provider
  • Monthly Email Newsletter
  • Internet Email Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing Service Provider

ETech 7 is an email marketing service provider which will assign a writer to write, email, and/or copy to be used in an auto-responder or marketing campaign.

ETech 7 will conduct a 30-minute call with the client or reseller to gather information for writing the email marketing content.

Writer will create the email content and send to the client for sign-off. Once content is approved the writer will load the content into the client’s HTML template (HTML template creation is a separate service).


Monthly Email Newsletter

ETech 7 will have an initial meeting with the client and discuss concepts for the monthly email newsletter.

An ETech 7 writer will create custom content. Any custom editorial requests could be provided to ETech 7.. If no special requests are received, Etech7 will write the newsletter based on the initial direction provided in the kick-off meeting.

Etech7 will send the newsletter to the client 3 days before the email is sent to the client’s customers. ETech 7 will also send a newsletter as well. Clients must have a template and an appropriate email marketing plan .


Internet Email Marketing Strategy

The ETech 7 internet email marketing strategy consists of (but is not limited to) creating an HTML based email template to use in a monthly newsletter or auto-responder campaigns

The template will match the client’s current branding on their website. Unless otherwise provided, ETech 7 will use assets (logos, photos, etc…) from the client website

The template design does not include any content, see website content development services for writing fees.